Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Product price
  • All our online products and services are in New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • All product prices are current and we have the right to adjust at any time
Payment and dispatch of product
  • All payments are accepted in NZD only. We only dispatch goods after a full payment is received
  • All goods that are on order and haven't been paid for - are legally the property of A+ Tailors
  • All goods that are on order and haven't been paid for within one month from the order date - A+ Tailors legally can sell to other customers without notice to the customer (whom placed the order)
Product details
  • We try hard to describe our products as accurately as possible on the web site
  • We have the right to correct product description at any time
  • Product colour may look different from what you see in your computer screen because the colour setting for each computer may vary
  • The fitting you see in the images may not fit you the same way because we all have different figure type, height, and so on. Please check the size measurements for each garment against your actual body size before place an order
  • If you are locally located and would like to come in for a fitting before orders, just email or ring us for an appointment
Returns of product
  • We're happy to refund, exchange, or credit the product given that you return to us within 30 days from invoiced date and, it hasn't been worn, and, it's in its original condition
  • You can just post the product back to us with a note for the reason and the invoice we sent you. Once we receive the product, we'll contact you for more details if required
  • Return shipping cost will not be reimbursed unless the product is faulty
  • A traceable delivery service is recommended, however it's at your own risk if you choose a non-traceable one. Note: we cannot refund, exchange, or credit a product that we did not received
Clothing alteration services

Trousers shorten or lengthen with blind hem that we do will entitle you to a life-time re-hem for free, should they fail at any time.

Skirts shorten or lengthen with blind hem that we do will entitle you to a life-time re-hem for free, should they fail at any time.

After sales service policy:

If there's anything not right please bring it back to us within two weeks. If it's our fault, we'll correct it free of charge or else you get a 20% discount on whatever the new price will be.

Reward point program:

For every dollar you spend you earn 1 point. When you reach 200 points you'll get a $20 discount on your next service.

Free consultation

We provide a free no obligation advice on clothing alterations, and price quotation. A+ Tailors understand there's no one size fit all and clients have a freedom of choice!


All clothes are best washed before alterations to avoid any shrinkage or changed in shape so that the alterations can be adjusted to the current condition of the clothes. If a garment is dry clean only, then we can just do the alterations without a first washed. Below are some guidelines for trousers and jeans that need shortened legs length:

  1. The most common length is touching the floor at the back heel with bare feet. This length allows you to wear with any heels up to 5 cm high without looking odd
  2. If you have a preferred length, bring those shoes with you to the fitting if you have many different heels. We don't mind if you'll take a little longer to decide on the length. In a nutshell, the lowest heel would be the length to go for because you don't want the hem touching the floor when walking around
  3. While standing in front of a mirror getting ready for a consultant to pin the correct length, some important notes that can cause incorrect length:
    1. Make sure the waist height is at the level that you'll be wearing every time
    2. Shake off any clinging at the crotch area
    3. Stand as balance as you can without putting your hands in the pockets or twist the body in any way
No guarantee

Clothes that are pinned by a client, by a shop, or a client simply instructed us what to do at the time of the order. However, if the job needs a re-do, due to too short, too long, or still not fitting well, and that is not related to A+ Tailors' workmanship. The good news is - you won't have to pay a full price to get the problem solved because we'll give you a 20% discount for the alterations that need to fix the problem.

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