Alteration Service

Alteration Service

Take in / Let out

Suit jacket take in bodice through 2 back seams with vents

Pants Take In Waist Through Centre Back

Put on and pin to the correct size on a client. Marks before removing the pins. Undo stitching where required. Machine and undo more stitching or cut off if the seam is too big. Iron and check for the quality. Note: in picture number 8 - the seat shape depends on a person's body shape. Some seat shapes look very odd however, it fits perfectly on the client.

Dress Take In Through Both Side Seams

Put on and pin to the correct client's shape of the body. Marks and remove the pins. This dress has 2 side pockets and the take-in need to go through them. The pockets must be removed first and re-make them if required. For this example - the client doesn't want to keep the pockets. Marks where take in required nicely, then machine and overlock off as appropriate. Finally iron and done.