Alteration Service

Alteration Service


Insert gusset to enlarge shirt sleeves

Jumpsuit restyle for resizable

T-shirt Re-style

Note: 2 short sleeve T-shirts re-styled into a long sleeve T-shirt as shown in the printed out papers. 1st pin the neckline, the bodice and underarms as required on a client. Take measurements for the long sleeves. 2nd removed both T-shirt sleeves out. Use one T-shirt's bodice fabric for the long sleeves. Re-shape a new neckline. Sew up sleeves and attached to the bodice. Finally, have a fitting on the client and alter any part that is not fit well. Done when both parties are happy!

Dress Re-style As Pyjama

Draw up a pyjama (PJ) pattern or purchase one off the shelf. Undo out the dress where needed. Lay pattern on the fabric and cut as required. If the fabric is not big enough, join it and cut out all the pieces that needed for the PJ. Machines and iron as you go until done! Note: think on your feet as you go from start to finish.